Our Service...

Taylor Hayes Inc. is a traditional manufacturers representative firm. We have talented and established salesmen who work together as a team. Typically, we have our sales personnel divided into territories to avoid problems. It is very common for our vendors to have 4 or 5 sales people working with your product in different regions of the country and Canada.

We typically travel to major conventions in our respective industries and show multiple products in our booths. Typically our booths will be focused on one product or manufacturer, but we always carry information and sometimes samples of multiple product lines. If you are not typically involved in trade shows, we can help you plan your first show.

If you are interested in working with us. Contact Us. The first thing we need to do is learn about your product. We are interested in everything: What it does, How it works, Why is it different, What are the features, How much does it cost, where is it made, How does it ship, etc.. We will discuss your product and see if we can do business. If you are in need of distribution, we might be able to help as we do have a small distribution warehouse in Buffalo, NY.

Our design team is your cheapest option when it comes to designing brochures and websites. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a position with a great product but no professional sales literature. We have developed hundreds of sales materials that aid us as we sell these products. We typically don't charge for this service as long as a friendly working relationship is established. This is our way of showing committment to our vendors. We work on commissions only. Our success is directly correllated to our productivity for you.

What you should expect...

...a dedicated workforce of salesmen who only want to sell your product. We can typically set up meetings at major retailers within a few months. Small dealers are usually more accessible. If you have a seasonal product and we are running short on time, we can usually pull the right strings to get a meeting planned. We always work within our vendors limits. When a problem arises, we are usually the first person to hear about it and we work to resolve the problem between the retailer and the vendor. We have a receptionist on call during working hours to handle most problems immediately.